Ministry Development Consultants

Six Oaks Consulting provides consulting services designed to support health and growth in the life and work of the church.

We believe that the individuals and organizations we work with are creative and resourceful. We support them through a process of self-discovery, with finding solutions and strategies that will help them achieve their goals, and with being accountable.

We tailor our programs to meet the needs of the individuals and organizations we work with. We believe that action and reflection are essential for discovery and growth, and we work over time to encourage learning.

We provide support for vocational reflection and decision making, working one-to-one with individuals or in a collaborative relationship with individuals and their organizations. We also work with teams and organizations to affirm strengths, optimize resources and achieve goals.

Our programs are delivered at client locations across Canada or from our home base in Toronto.

Ministry Development Council Accredited

Six Oaks Consulting is accredited by the Ministry Development Council and is the first Ministry Development Center in Canada. The Council was founded 40 years ago to develop a coordinated approach to vocation and ministry development for its nine founding denominations and other church organizations. Through a network of accredited Centers, it serves the church by providing resources, programs and services for clergy, church leaders and congregations. Information about the Ministry Development Council and Centers is available at